Public Health

Apart from concentrating on quality education, Janki Devi Educational Welfare Society is also actively involved in other spheres namely health. The health scenario in India still lags behind that of the global standards. Shortage of health care facilities and ignorance among the people on various medical ailments prompted JDEWS to work in this sphere so as to help in improving the health standards of the state. We are working actively under the guidance of World Health Organization (W.H.O) in its TB eradication program around the villages of Dehradun and plan (in time to come) also in the interior or remote villages of Uttarakhand. We have carried out several awareness programs and free health check up camps, in collaboration with the district government hospital to increase the awareness about the curable but fatal disease known as Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a fatal, communicable disease which effects every 3rd person in India. Apart from this we are also focusing on issues related to the kidneys. Aware of the high cost and complications involved in kidney ailments JDEWS has successfully tied up with SANYOG PHARMACEUTICALS and will be having the facility of providing dialysis to five persons initially.


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