JDEWS firmly believes that in order to have sustainable development we must preserve and protect our environment and our environment unit SPACE is constantly working towards it. Located in one of the most green areas of the city SPACE, employs a  vast number of people of the rural areas.

We manufacture eco-friendly jute bags which are in great demand in India as well as rest of the world. Most of the employees working under SPACE are women from rural areas. Thus, SPACE not only protects the environment, it also empowers  women to lead a better lifestyle and instills self confidence among them. The operations at SPACE are managed by the secretary of our society Mrs. Kavita Chaturvedi.

Initially we manufactured jute bags only but with constant hard work and dedication we now manufacture several products like lady’s handbags, pouches, bottle bags to carry water bottles, totes, stationary stands, cd covers to name a few.A variety of our jute products are in great demand not only in India but also abroad.

Our client list includes some very esteemed names like Bharti Walmart, ONGC, ISRO, IIRS and several other companies.


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